Small town, big dreams

Fleming Centre Community Complex

If there’s an expert in design-build arena complexes, it’s us. We made sure the Town of Lincoln’s dreams of a year-round, multi-use community hub came true, on time and on budget. Helping to revitalize downtown Beamsville was the icing on the cake.

Owner: Town of Lincoln
Our role: Design-build (guaranteed maximum price)
Process: Open prequalification, awarded on design presentation
Completed: June 2015
Location: Beamsville, ON
Team: WGD Architects Inc., CBRE, exp Service Inc., S. Llewyelyln & Associates, Brodie & Associates
The wow: The front entrance
Awards: 2015 Niagara Community Design Award, Largescale Project, Honorable Mention

Small towns spend years setting aside the funds to renew their aging community infrastructure. Hopes and dreams and entire political careers rest on these projects, and when we have the chance to contribute our creativity and experience, we submit our proposals with enthusiasm. (In the case of the Fleming Centre, “enthusiasm” meant submitting our proposal in a specially branded hockey bag.)

The project was a guaranteed maximum price design-build, so we won it on the merits of our design, the confidence the Town had in our ability to keep to the schedule, and our commitment to using local trades. It would have been easy to go to big Toronto firms, but we invested locally instead.

The project included an NHL-sized arena with seating for 500, indoor walking track, meeting rooms, a café and a library. We followed the spec to the letter, designing a signature front entrance and lobby area that went above the owner’s expectations. Close coordination with the architect kept costs in line with the budget. Open communication with the owner meant that any differences in interpretation were resolved amicably and without delaying the project. We delivered a truly turnkey project, including all furnishings, fixtures and equipment, from clocks to garbage cans, office chairs to mop buckets.

Today, Beamsville has an award-winning community hub and downtown focal point—a place where small town families can dream big.